• Help Me To Build A Well In Africa!

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    Have a look at my WaterCan Fundraising site , where I am raising funds to build a well in Africa! (Click Here)

  • “Water On The Table” , Featuring Maude Barlow , Canada’s greatest water activist

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    Maude Barlow , likely Canada’s greatest ambassador and Water Activist for protecting our most precious resource , water , is featured in this movie which I urge everyone to watch….If you are like me , and are concerned about the water legacy that we are leaving for future generations , this is a must see…. (Click Here)

  • Do You Want To Know YOUR Country’s Water Footprint ?

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    Have a look at this website, Growing Blue…This site contains highly detailed charts of global water footprints and forecasts to the year 2050, as well as comprehensive reports/blogs of some of the world’s leading water practitioners. Click share and enjoy

  • Is Desalination A Viable Option To Water Shortages ?

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    Desalination has often been touted as an overly expensive method of accessing untapped sources of water due to the huge energy requirements to convert seawater to drinkable water….Technology has been addressing this issue somewhat, and some ground has been gained to make it cheaper to access….Have a look at current efforts and technology to make desalination viable at this website of the International Desalination Association. Click Share and Enjoy

  • The Water Chronicles

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    This is an excellent website that focuses on Aboriginal water issues in Canada… Click Here

  • 500,000 Aboriginals on Canadian Reservations Facing Water Challenges

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    Not everyone in Canada enjoys access to clean water…First Nations know firsthand serious problems with lack of access to clean water… Click here to view

  • An Unexpected Water Crisis in Canada

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    If you think that only countries outside of Canada face water calamities, think again….This is an article that every Canadian should have a look at…..reviewcanada.ca/magazine/2012/09/an-unexpected-water-crisis

  • Follow our Walk For Water – Kenya – 2018 on Twitter (Click Share and Enjoy)

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  • Follow our Walk For Water – Kenya – 2018 on Facebook ( Click Share and Enjoy )

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  • Find out about our Watercan fundraising efforts…

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    To All of my friends , associates and colleagues :

    On December 27th , I was visiting my son , Kyle, in Branford, Connecticut and I asked him this question: ” If you could anywhere in the whole world , where would you go ? ” His answer was , Africa ! I immediately began to reflect on the past few years and some fundraising I did with a local charity that put on an event “Walk For Water”, who graciously acted upon my vision for this , which resulted in us raising $17,000 for a water project in Haiti after the devastating earthquake they had there….The memories of this great event spurred in me a longing to once again become involved in fundraising to assist developing countries , such as Kenya to access clean abundant water supplies….I found a very good organization that does amazing water projects in 3rd world countries, Watercan ( Ryan’s Well is likely the greatest example of some of WaterCan’s projects). I have now partnered with Watercan to begin my OWN fundraising project to build wells in Kenya, and go there in July 2018 with my children on a missions trip as well…..

    Water is in us, we drink it, we play in it and we can’t survive without it. Yet, nearly 1 billion people around the world don’t share our enviable access to clean, safe drinking water at the turn of a tap.

    I am taking my children , Mataya and Kyle on a missions trip to Kenya, Africa in July 2018 and in the 4 years leading up to our trip, do some fundraising to build a well in Kenya. It doesn’t seem like much to give up in order to ensure that others around the world have clean water to drink…My personal fundraising goal is to raise $50,000 , enough to bring clean water and sanitation to 2000 children, women and men. Imagine: only $25 can provide one person with water and sanitation for life, that’s less than you might spend on a night out at the movies!

    Funds raised will support WaterCan’s efforts to combat poverty in Africa. Through their small-scale projects they partner with local communities to find long-term clean water and sanitation solutions. Since 1987, WaterCan’s projects have reached more than 1.2 million people in 32 countries around the world. With our help, they can reach even more!

    To find out more about my participation in WaterCan’s Donate Your Special Day Campaign and how you can support my efforts, please click on my personal fundraising page link below.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

    Sincerely , Tracy Baker

    Click here to see my WaterCan Fundraiser !